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Tuna Loin A1 packages 1 lbs Average


The firm, meaty texture and rich, distinctive flavor of fresh Ahi Tuna makes it one of the most popular seafood choices around the globe. Ahi is a Hawaiian term that refers to both Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna. While, technically different species the two can be difficult to tell apart in terms of taste an appearance.

As a result our expert fishmongers look for and select the best quality product available each evening. Some differences you may notice are Yellowfin being a bit firmer and milder. Bigeye may be a lighter red and a have a higher fat content. #2+ tuna may exhibit fat, but are generally leaner than #1. The texture should be wet and smooth but not so sticky. #2+ tuna will not display the even red translucent color of #1s but will still have good color and brightness. This is a great choice for searing!

This product is sold per pack of approximate pounds*