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Oysters -Price per dozen $17.80 Pack


Oysters are juicy and plump, with a buttery texture and sweet, very briny finish. Grown in the cold waters of Duxbury Bay, the deep cup of the shells holds an abundance of their delicious briny liquor. Duxbury XL oysters are a must-have addition to your next party; the oyster lovers in your group will be eternally grateful. Our Duxbury XL oysters are harvested from the cold waters of Duxbury Bay Massachusetts. Our delicious Duxbury XL Oysters are delivered live, you can’t get any fresher than that.

The natural juice inside raw oysters is called liquor. To learn more about oysters, check out our Essential Guide to Oysters. Learn to shuck oysters with our How to Shuck Oysters Blog. Follow along with our video as we demonstrate how to shuck oysters.