Squid $8.52/lb

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Squid, often called calamari, has tender flesh and mild flavor that is similar to cuttlefish. Squid easily picks up the flavor of what it’s being cooked in, which makes it well suited for marinades. The quick-cooking high heat methods of grilling, sautéing, or deep frying are best, as squid can become tough if overcooked. One of the most common methods of preparing squid is frying, and it has been a popular choice in restaurants since 1975. Our whole squid is wild-caught off the coast of Rhode Island and delivered fresh. Squid’s entire population replaces itself annually and can handle a relatively high amount of fishing pressure. Check out our Essential Guide to Squid for even more information about this delicious cephalopod.

Often referred to as “Dirty Squid” this unfortunate name is due to the fact that the squid you receive is minimally processed; simply washed off and kept whole. Meaning it’s just about as fresh as it can get and the cleaning is up to you. Cleaning your whole squid is surprisingly simple, just follow the steps below. How to clean whole squid: Grasp the tail in one hand and the head in the other and firmly pull apart with a slight twisting motion. When the head separates from the body most of the insides will come out, connected to the head. Place your knife just behind the portion containing the tentacles and cut straight down. Once the tentacles are cut from the head, squeeze the connective tissue at the top and the bony beak will easily come out. Grasp the cartilage inside the body tube with your fingers and pull it away. Then cut away the thin flaps on either side of the body. Peel off the skin (this is optional as the skin is edible). Rinse the squid and thoroughly pat dry. Make sure to clean the body really well as there will be ink on the squid. Your fresh whole Squid is now cleaned and ready to cook!

Approximately 5 squid per pound